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In Office Procedures

An “In Office Procedure” is a procedure that takes place in the office, and usually takes just about the same time as a regular GYN visit. After the procedure is performed, you are on your way home, again just like a regular visit. “In Office Procedures” include:


“LEEP” Procedure for abnormal Pap Smears: The “LEEP” Procedure is a method of looking at the cervix with magnification that allows us to diagnose and properly treat the problem causing the abnormal Pap Smear.

EssureTM Tubal Occlusions: The Essure Tubal Occlusion Procedure is one of the new “In Office Procedures,” It is one of the Minimally Invasive Procedures,” which consists of “Tying the Tubes.” It was also know as a “Tubal Ligation.” Usually this “Tying of Tubes” procedure was done at a hospital or surgical center, and either as an in-patient or an out-patient.
Now, using the EssureTM procedure, it can be done right “in the office.” You can be on your way home within 15-20 minutes after the procedure has been completed.


Endometrial Ablation: This “In Office Procedure” is usually done because of menstrual bleeding that occurs too much and too often. A problem often seen with the Diagnosis of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB). This simple transvaginal approach allows us to cauterize the lining of the uterus and either significantly reduce or stop bleeding.
Cryotherapy: This “In Office Procedure” often times performed to correct abnormal Pap Smears.


Urodynamic Evaluation: This “In Office Procedure” is really a test; we test to see how the bladder is functioning. Based on these tests, we can get a better idea as to whether you should be treated for your condition by exercises, medication, or whether you may need a surgical procedure to solve the problem.

Gardasil Administration: This “In Office Procedure” is basically a vaccination. It is a vaccination against the HPV Virus. All girls and women between the ages of 9 and 26 SHOULD be vaccinated against the HPV Virus. When these “In Office Procedures” procedures are finished, you are then able to go home.

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